Not all chalk is the same:

Most people buy chalk without knowing that there are different varieties of chalk. Our pure chalk offers an excellent grip, superior drying performance, and last 2x longer.

When you choose Spider Chalk, you get chalk that is made of pure magnesium carbonate. This kind of quality isn’t easily available. It dries much faster and sticks effectively to the hands. Further more, most other chalks include additives often including silica. Silica can be very harmful when inhaled and produce allergic reactions and asthmatic responses.

Manufactured in North America:

Manufactured in North America, the Spider Chalk liquid formula makes use of 8 different ingredients that include two bonding substances. These are created by the most renowned chemist in the country.

Last 2x Longer:

The Spider Chalk blocks are different from the other blocks available in the market. They have a denser character (150 grams vs 56 grams) and do not contain any drying or bonding agent. This is because of our highly advanced manufacturing technique along with the high-quality chalk that is used to create this product.

Most every other brand of chalk is simply private labeling chalk that has been imported from the same manufacturing plant in China. These regular blocks are almost identical in weight and size (56 grams) and all contain filler additives.

Used By The Pros:

Spider Chalk is the most reliable and high performing chalk available in the market and is used by major sports and athletic companies such as Alpha Showdown, Granite Games, The CanWest Games, Girls Gone RX and Fittest Farmhand Challenge. All these companies wanted a higher quality chalk and are extremely satisfied with Spider Chalk blocks as well as the Spider Chalk liquid formula.

If you’re looking to get excellent quality chalk for an upcoming athletic event, contact us for Spider Chalk products!