What is the difference between Spider Chalk and other regular chalks?

As opposed to the standard chalks available in the market, Spider Chalk is made from pure magnesium carbonate. This substance is hard to find easily but has excellent drying properties. It also has superior sticking abilities and prevents slipping of equipment during a workout or other athletic activities.

Spider Chalk is manufactured exclusively in the United States of America. The only other block chalk manufacturers are in Taiwan and China. The reason why major sports companies prefer Spider Chalk blocks over regular blocks is that these blocks are denser and more long-lasting. Also, no drying or binding agents are used in the production of Spider Chalk blocks. This is primarily because the production process is highly advanced and makes use of excellent quality of chalk.

If you go and look for chalk blocks in the market, you will find that all varieties are available in the exact same weight and size (approximately 56 grams). These identical blocks undergo private labeling and are wrapped the same way regardless of the quality of chalk. Therefore, buyers are often fooled by the information displayed on the outer packaging.

The Spider Chalk liquid chalk formula is made using 8 distinct ingredients. These include two bonding agents created by highly renowned pharmacists. Yet again, the Spider Chalk liquid formula stands out amongst other liquid chalks that are made using the same ingredients: chalk, scent and alcohol. The Spider Chalk formula was created because the performance of other liquid chalks was reported to be highly dissatisfying by major sports companies.

Spider Chalk products are known to enhance performance by offering better grip than all other chalks. That is why some of the most popular athletes across the globe prefer it for all their events/competitions.

Is block chalk less effective than liquid chalk?

No. These two products have been designed for completely different requirements.

The Spider Chalk block chalk has long lasting properties and will not crumble in your hand like other chalks. You can rub lots of it on your hands without having to worry about making a mess.

You can easily get powder chalk onto your hands while a session is in progress. Also, small amounts of powder chalk can be reapplied after short intervals of time. The application rules for liquid chalk are slightly different. You need to use liquid chalk prior to a session or during resting periods. This type of chalk will stick to your hands because it contains bonding agents.

Another key difference between the two kinds of chalks is that majority of the commercial gyms will prohibit the use of block/powder chalk. However, they will allow the use of liquid chalk.

The special quality of Spider Chalk block chalks is that they are denser and do not break into small pieces as a result of rubbing. The standard block chalks which are commonly available in the market are sourced from China or Taiwan. These low-quality block chalks are manufactured using cheap ingredients and sold in the same packages with false information or labeling.

Does Spider Chalk Liquid Chalk tend to leave residue on equipment?

It is impossible for a liquid chalk to not leave any residue if it is made with real chalk. If a liquid chalk guarantees zero residues, then it is made with chalk paint that is used by art students and for writing on chalkboards. But the chalk is quite easy to brush off.

There is a clear liquid resting on the liquid chalk surface. What is that?

The ingredients of a liquid chalk tend to settle after every few days. You simply need to shake the Spider Chalk before using it.

When does the Spider Chalk liquid chalk dry on the hands?

It takes about five to ten seconds for the liquid chalk to dry.

Why do I see powder residue even with a liquid chalk?

After the liquid chalk is dry, a thin chalk powder layer will appear on your hand. The Spider Chalk is designed in a way that it has a thin chalk coating that settles in gaps of your hand along with a slight powder dusting. As opposed to other liquid chalk brands, Spider Chalk features a combination that offers the same benefits as powder chalk and yet creates zero mess.

All chalks are the same, right?

Absolutely not. The majority of the chalk products available in the market are imported from abroad and might be of very poor quality. Spider Chalk makes use of lab-quality magnesium carbonate because pure chalk helps improve performance.

Does Spider Chalk contain any antiperspirant?

Spider Chalk does not contain any antiperspirant. The antiperspirant ‘aluminum zirconium’ is harmful for the body and therefore not used in any of our products.

How long will my Spider Chalk bottle last?

Tests show that an 8oz bottle of Spider Chalk may last for about 200 applications. But this usually depends on the frequency of use.

Where is Spider Chalk manufactured?

Spider Chalk is manufactured in the U.S. in a factory in Atlanta, GA. Spider Chalk products are neither imported nor privately labeled.